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Providing personalised and tailormade care and support to you and your family during pregnancy andafter the birth of your baby

Motherhood and Matrescence
Postpartum Mothers Circle
8th July
10.30-12pm, Studio 3 Naas

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    About Sinéad

    I am a postpartum and lactation doula, as well as a wife and a mum to three girls. My aim is to provide a friendly shoulder to lean on in the first days and weeks after the birth of your baby. The fourth trimester is a sacred window of time in which the woman transitions into the mother, the mother is also born along with the new baby. In many cultures this transition is recognised and the mother is held and supported by a circle of women, family and friends, during this time. I hope I can be a part of your village, that holds and supports you during your transition into motherhood.

    Providing you with the support you need in the 4th trimester

    I am here to hold and support you as you adjust to life with a newborn. I am here to listen and provide space for you and your partner to process the life-altering experience you have both been through. I am here to nourish you, feed you and support you in your recovery. I am here to take the daily load from you so you can take care of and bond with your baby. I am here to support you on a breastfeeding journey if that is what you choose. I am here to encourage you and build your confidence - until you no longer need me to be here.

    What is a postpartum doula?

    A postpartum doula is a non-medical professional who can provide physical and emotional support following the birth of your baby. It is more common now to give birth to your baby with a very limited, if any, support network around you, as so many people no longer live in the same area as their extended families. As a postpartum doula my aim is to help increase the awareness around the normality of motherhood, particularly early motherhood and supporting mothers and their families to take control of their own postpartum journey.

    The transition to motherhood - matrescence

    Matrescence is the process of becoming a mother. It involves a metamorphosis, a change that happens physically, hormonally, mentally, emotionally - even the structure of your brain changes - to adapt to becoming a mother. The idea that you can return to who you once were before motherhood is wholly unrealistic. Instead you have grown into this newer version of yourself - but to truly realise the full potential of this new you, you need to feel supported, seen and heard in your motherhood journey. Planning for this postpartum period and putting the framework in place that allows you to be nurtured as the mother is fundamental to the process.

    Rates &Services

    I provide a range of services to support you in your postpartum journey.

    Postpartum Planning Workshop

    Online or in-person, a 3 hour workshop with both partners. Includes a planning guide and workbook.

    3 hours | €120

    Postpartum Support Packages

    In-person support visits to your home, 3 levels of support available - 3 visits, 5 visits or 7 visits. Each visit is 4 hours.

    All packages include a postpartum planning workshop and virtual support for the duration of the package.

    Grace package - 3 x 4hr visits | €450

    Rose package - 5 x 4hr visits | €750

    Eve Package - 7 x 4hr visits | €1050

    Virtual Support Package

    Support provided via text, voice note, video or voice calls.

    1 day | €40 

    Day by Day Support

    If you want to take it day by day this option lets you book one visit at a time, each visit is 4 hrs. Subject to availability.

    Postpartum planning workshop and virtual support for the duration of the package.

    4 hrs | €160

    Breastfeeding Support Packages

    In-person support visits to your home, each visit is 4 hours.

    Bespoke package tailored to your individual needs as a family. Contact Sinéad for more details - starting from €160

    All packages include a postpartum planning workshop and virtual support for the duration of the package.

    Prepare for your life after the birth of your baby.

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